Rajee Samarasinghe


The Spectre Watches Over Her

2016 / 16mm to HD / TRT 13:53 / AR 4:3 / Silent / Sri Lanka & United States


  • A reaction to the seminal text by Swiss anthropologist Paul Wirz entitled Exorcism and the Art of Healing in Ceylon, this high contrast hand processed film considers a history of colonialism and ethnographic practices in South Asia. At my mother’s village, I restaged an exorcism once performed on her in the early 1960s when she was a little girl. Possessed by the lecherous entity known as the Kalu Kumara, the Sanni Yakuma healing ritual was performed over a 12-hour period.


2017: Vimeo - Audience Award - SF Cinematheque/SFMOMA - CROSSROADS 2017

2017: 22nd Media City Film Festival
2017: SF Cinematheque/SFMOMA - CROSSROADS 2017
2017: 39th Big Muddy Film Festival


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